Pack & Go

Do you need to share parts of your BOM and documents with your OEMs, manufacturers or customers?

See our Pack & Go tool to quickly share data, without compromising security or IP.

Import Wizard

Looking for ways to easily load data and files to Aras?

We make loading data onto Aras a breeze.

ERP Sync Engine

Use CycleOp’s ERP Sync Engine to exchange data between Aras PLM and your ERP, MES, or CRM systems.


Frequently Asked Questions

Why use CycleOp products?

Aras Innovator PLM is the most powerful PLM platform on the market today. No other PLM can provide this level of granularity, flexibility and support for current and every future need your company might have.

However – It is a platform, and as such – Companies may either develop their own methodologies and tools, to make it work the way they need to, or use CycleOp products to quickly start working with the system and enjoy its benefits.

Again - Why use CycleOp products?

We offer our products after 20 years of working in the PLM industry. We love PLM and every they are challenged by the needs of the industry. This is why our products benefit from both our experience with industry specific needs, and our deep knowledge of Aras and the Aras infrastructure.

Our products are easy to use and customize, require very little set-up time, use the latest tools and approaches, and support the latest versions of your tools.

What types of products you offer?

CycleOp offers 2 products types:

  • E-CAD Connectors to connect your E-CAD design tools with Aras Innovator (always a bi-directional integration). These require a yearly maintenance so we can support every new version of E-CAD and Aras
  • Tools for manipulating data in and out of Aras. These are one-time perpetual license tools which will fit any industry type and any company needs.
Can you support our Aras implementation too?


CycleOp have been implementing Aras for years, and we can support your Aras implementation too. We know PLM, and know the industry so we don’t require extensive work to get up to speed with your needs.

We offer competitive pricing, and an experienced team to support you for every need your company may have

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