Aras for Electronics

CycleOp’s Electronic template is a ready to use industry solution tailored for companies in the Electronics, Electro-Mechanical, and Electro-Optical industries.

In a complex engineering world, where companies resources are distributed, and many external partners take place in the design and manufacturing of the process – This is where our Electronic template database is at its best.

Dealing with customers, vendors, sub-contractors and external manufacturers, and still be able to quickly get your product to market is a key for your company’s growth.

Doing all of the above with no errors, no loss of IP data, and having full control of the process, is simply too much for anyone. This is where our template comes in.

With more than 10 years in the Electronics and Hi-Tech industry, our template is ready to be deployed at every customer site, quickly and reliably while allowing customers to customize the behavior of their system as much as needed, without building everything from scratch.

Improved Impact Matrix

Improved impact matrix on Express ECO adds support for Ref. Des. / Quantity editing within ECO, replace components in one click, load changes from an Excel sheet, validate ref. des. against quantity, and many other great features to make ECO’s a breeze.

Nomenclature Engine

Built-in nomenclature engine automatically assigns part numbers, part names and even part descriptions based on value selections made by the users.

From selecting the classification of your part, to selecting the package type or material – Your part number / part name will be assigned automatically based on your selection.

Improved main grid

Main grid provides clear indication of BOM parts, part with attached documentation, or parts with linked AML (Manufacturer Part Numbers)

Pack & Go feature

Need to share your BOM and documents with your sub-contractors, your manufacturer or your customers?

With pack & go you simply select your BOM assembly, click a button and your BOM, and pre-defined documents are packaged into a zip file and embedded in an email message, ready to be sent anywhere you need.

You define which document types to gather, and what part types to ignore and you’re ready to go!

Better life-cycle maps

With electronics, there are many “Buy” parts that do not undergo the standard ECO changes, because a change in a component should not necessarily trigger a full scale ECO where all assemblies that use this component are revised too.

This is why we came up with a separate life-cycle map for components. They either use a simplified change process, or even a manual change procedure, without having to ECO all assemblies they participate in.

Enhanced reports

Our package comes bundled with enhanced reports which provide greater insight into the changes taking place in various versions of a product, a change process, or a BOM comparison.

We support automatic save to Excel, enhanced selection dialog boxes, and improved graphical display of the content

Want a demo?

With a template that has been perfected over years of industry knowledge – We are ready to demo.

See all the built-in features we added to our template such as pre-defined classifications, properties, change processes and tools.

Contact us for a live demo of this template.

Want more?

Talk to our customers, see the videos or download the datasheet for the electronic template. There’s plenty of data to help you decide.

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